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The cone was ordered and I belive was intended to be part of a grain feeder system. (Flip it over to use as a funnel type thing). I used my weed burner to heat and conform the existing lid some prior to the new lid being welded, to make it fit tighter to prevent leaks. My uncle tacked it to my existing lid for me then I used a jig saw and cut out the old lid on the inside, I didn't cut it first for fear of warping the lid. Then I used high temp silicone to fully seal everything. We also added a handel and hook to hang it on the edge of the barrel while cooking. The chimney is intended for a water heater type aplication and it is put over the tip of the cone and tacked down. The cone top is 2" where the stack is 3" so there isn't any of the stack inside the smoker it's there just to prevent water going in and to help prevent backflow. If you have any questions or would like a picture of the inside let me know.
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