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TY very much... Last time I made them I:
-Chuck Beef Ribs (not short)
-rub is a 75% pepper 25% salt mixture, sprinkle and rub on
-Grate Temp 300-325* with a pan of Sauce next to ribs
-cook Meet Side up and closer to the heat source
-after 1.5 hours wrap in Butchers Paper and smoke for 2 more hours

I was not that happy with the results to be honest. Seems that the meat reduced in size but did not "puff" up. Also some of the bones had like no meat on it. Seems I disintegrated it.

Perhaps the 250-275* for 5-6 hours will do the trick... foil or no?

I haven't had much time to finalize my past threads... but I might as well tell ya how it went on my 4th of July Q party.

-The Brisket was almost over cooked, what saved me was that I never cleaned out the ash pan, and seems the fire was being smothered so the temp went from 300* to 200* when I woke up. Seems it's true.. I rather be lucky than good any day! Lesson 1 always start with a clean/ash free firebox
-On to the beef ribs. After I wrapped the ribs in butcher's paper it was fine. Until I grabbed them to unfoil... seems all the "liquid" dropped onto the bottom and caused a grease fire. Which in turn set the remaining wrapped ribs on fire.. Paper ash is now fly'n in the air, arm hairs are on fire and my neighbor is asking what smells so good. What did I learn from this lesson.. I bought gloves that can stand 500* plus and a pair of the black rubber insulated gloves that I saw posted on here.

Seems that no matter how far in advance I try to plan, I will mess something up. Ahhh the joy of smoking
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