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I'm on the backend of getting our bbq sauce to market so I can offer some of our experience.

* The sauce needs to be tested for its pH and water level to see if it will need to have preservatives or not. If the pH is less then 4.6 then odds are it will not. Ours was acidic enough that it didn't need preservatives. This needs to be done by a food lab. Cost approximately $75

* Also, FDA REQUIRES a nutritional label with "full disclosure" status. I got mine back about three weeks ago. If you want to use the place we used PM me and I can give you contact information. They are located in Oregon and everything can be handled over email. They'll sign a non-disclosure statement protecting your recipe etc. Cost approximately $125

* Get a UPC number and barcode. I know at first you're going to say "But we only plan on selling from our trailer" and that's all well and good. But if the sauce becomes popular enough you will want to sell it in stores whether it's local or national chains. And we've found that the majority of stores WILL NOT carry your product without one. Cost approximately $760

* Get any logo or tradename registered and trademarked/copyrighted. We've already had someone try to use our logo. Thank goodness we took the right steps to get it trademarked. One phone call to the person and a fax of our rights to ou logo stopped that immediately. Cost approximately $75

Do things right the first go'round and it will save you money and headaches in the long term. We've been told that by a number of people who've done this.

Hope this helps.
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