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Finaly got in touch with the organizers. Set up is friday with turn ins starting at noon saturday. I asked if the judges were certified and was told 3 were and the rest local, so I guess it's sort of jungle rules. I had kind of decided to just go watch instead of entering but as I asked a few more questions I changed my mind. There was a misprint in the entry form and the beef category is brisket, not roast. The pork loin still confuses me, but hey, when in Rome.

This is their first try at a competion. KCBS reccomended at least 3 contests before doing sanctioned. The local county fair board has been discussing this with other Minnesota fair boards. They are hoping to get enough participants to start qualifying county fair winners for a state fair competition. Obviously a lot of work to be done for this all to happen. It got me interested though. I've decided to enter even though my experience is limited. Kind of cool to be part of the inaugural event of what could become something someday. Maybe become a certified judge next winter and be able to help them get this thing going.

Now I just gotta work on that pork loin.

Thanks for all the suggestions. It will all help.
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