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Originally Posted by Smiter Q View Post
I have good deal of a marketing history and sales background.

The first two names would alienate LOTS of possible clients.
They are quite "niche" style names, and would not have mass appeal, especially to more
conservative type of clients.

Flavabliss sounds hip enough for younger crowds(20 somethings).. but
this is not a buying demographic for the most part. Using a deconstructed
spelling of a word in a product makes people nervous(whether they know it or not.)
Psychologically they think "What else about the product is deconstructed?"
Especially with food items. The more educated the client is, the less comfortable
they are with these type of word plays.

"Thee Thee's" is a nonsensical name.
Although personally important to you, it would transfer minimally to others.
Again, people would be trying to figure out the name instead of focusing on the product.
The mass consensus verdict would be.... "weird."

Red Boy works the best for me, and/or some use of your last name.
Love-N-It at first glance may sound good, but I would never use a product name
that has "it" as a title descriptor. Also has the deconstructed use of a word.

Not trying to be harsh.... just real.

Best advice I can offer is think of something that would have a good association with many people.
Also tie a graphic and logo in that complements the name of the business chosen.
Lots of people make a mistake by "over personalizing" a business or product name.
They are emotionally invested and subjective oriented, hence they can lose some objectivity
as to what works the best to convey a product to a consumer.

Hope some of this is helpful for you.
Smiter Q is exactly right on all counts. Post some other names as these just won't work. FYI, this is probably the most important thing you will do as the name if more important than the flavor of the rub because if you don't get someone to try it you won't get any sales so the flavor will become a non-issue. Just think of the times you bought sauces, was it because of the label or because of the flavor? The name and label will get you the first sale and the flavor will get you repeat customers. I have bought tons of stuff because of the label.
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