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Default Ready for some fatties.

A few pictures of the process and my completed UDS

First here's drum I found for $11. It contained sesame seed oil and had the tan colored coating. The inside coating seemed like some kind of paint because I could scratch through it with my pocket knife.

Here's my drum with my perfect fitting Weber lid. I bought my Weber lid first and searched for a suitable drum to fit my lid.

Here's my drum after burning with a weed burner and after hosing and scotchbrighting the ash off. The ash would have likely come off with a car wash spray but not my garden hose.

Here's the inside after using a sanding pad on my angle grinder. It's also already sprayed with PAM to stop possible rusting.

Here's my basket from expanded metal, Weber charcoal grill and pizza pan. The basket is 14" diameter by 12" tall.

Here's the finished UDS with two temp gauges, one for the edge and one for the center. I plan on experimenting with another grate below my cooking grate and placing various size aluminum pie plates with holes to flush the heat outwards so the heat on the cooking grate won't be so center concentrated. Eventually I'll trim it up with some gold paint for Mizzou colors.

Here's the inside after the seasoning with PAM. Since it didn't turn very black I guess I'll use PAM again before I cook my fatties this next Sunday

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