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Default Did my first run seasoning last night.

My first UDS build is now an official UDS as I completed what I think was a quite efficient first run, seasoning last night. I'll supply pictures later after I get the handles and second thermometer attached.

Big thanks to Norco's wisdom among others. Seems like Norco, who never seems to tire of UDS teaching, supplied the most tidbits that I used.

Last night I hit 250 degrees (97 degrees outside) in about 15 minutes and it took another 25 minutes to hit 340 (measured right below the grill center). I then shut down my 3 open intakes to 1.5 intakes and it continued to rise to 365 before the temp started to drop at about the 1.5 hour mark. It slowly dropped to 325 and held. I then closed the ports to 1.25 open and the temp dropped to about 300 at the 2.5 hour mark and held about there until the 3 hour mark.

I then shut all intakes and within a half hour I was down to 175 and falling. I don't think I could ask for more.

I started with a Weber kettle lid, found a closed drum that had held sesame oil (loved the smell) and had a tan inner surface that I burnt out with a weed burner. After washing the ash off with scotchbrite I put my angle grinder with a sanding pad and put it to bare metal all in about 95 degree heat outside. I immediately sprayed the inside with Pam.

I drilled 3 ea, one inch holes with a hole saw before the burn and put in the 3/4" nipples after the burn. I painted the outside the dull black bbq paint and then repainted with the semi gloss as the dull look sucked with my shining weber lid.
I used only 3 grate supports made of ss ubolts and they support just fine. My charcoal basket is the typical 14" diameter expanded metal attached to the small weber grate with an aluminum pizza pan on the bottom for the ash catcher.

Now that the hard work is done and I'm ready to christen with the fatty cooking I've almost got stage fright. I've never smoked anything before.

Thanks to all and a big thank you to the people that run this board. I looked at many a board when I first decided to try this and this board became my smoking home pretty quickly.
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