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Wow, very interesting. The cooked meat is not what I was expecting at all but I am very interested to see more. One thing I am wondering about your father's method and even yours is whether he would continue to add the S&P rub or was the initial rub or two enough? I see you transferred and re-rubbed once on the second day. Did you have to do that any more? Thanks for the great story and interesting thread.
Yes, I did add more salt each time I changed out the plastic bags in which it was stored which was about every other day. Now, my Dad's method was a true salt curing method where the salt penetrated the meat to an extent that it perfectly preserved it and he didn't add more. He hung the meat on hooks in his smoke house in the winter time. Once the salt permeated the meat (2 to 3 months) my Dad would smoke the meat with hickory using what nowadays would be considered a cold smoke method. He used a lot of smoke. I remember more than one time seeing smoke flowing out from behind the door of his smoke house.

What I did this time was give it a little bit of a salt cure and then cook it to 150F internal to kill off any possible nasties that can occur because I have a small amount and can keep it in the fridge and freezer rather than a meat house and don't need to let it sit in salt for 3 months. When my Dad cured his pork, he used so much salt for so long that the salt took care of any nasties that may have been able to grow in it.
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