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Found some matches.
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Ok. On page 387 now, getting closer to the end. I am building two, one for me and one for my son in law . Got my drums last monday from Drumco in Memphis- resalvaged, cleaned, not painted, not lined with lid for $14 each. These are considered Burning barrels. I picked thru the trailer to get two the same size, shape and condition ( they look like brand new steel only dented) NO Smell at all. One has bad threads on 2" bug. Both had bad dents in top ring sealing surface, probably why they got pulled to the burn trailer --DOT rejects. Several minutes with a pair of hammers and I smoothed them out enough for a UDS. I've welded in a 3/4" nipple in the side and a 1" nipple and elbow in the bottom center. Both will be valved, the bottom one will be for start up air and cleaning--these will be sitting in a rolling work station with 2' x 2' expanded metal table area on both sides of the smoker. I welded 1" wide pieces of 2" angle iron inside for grill supports. I put 4 for the bottom grate and 3 for the top grate, thinking that I could notch the bottom grate to fit past 3 brackets easily. Doesn't work. So now I will remove the 3 top supports and install swinging brackets made from 1/2" thin wall square tubing welded to drum side ( I am using square instead of round because it's easier to weld to these thin drums). A 3/8" bolt sits inside the sqaure tubing and a piece of 3/8" round stock welded to the top of the bolt. This will allow the rods to swivel from the center of the drum to the side. Nothing in the way when setting the bottom grate. Will add pics later.
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