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Originally Posted by jonboy View Post
Wood choices...If you plan on leaving your table outdoors when not in use be sure to use an exterior grade wood/pressure treated/cedar/redwood. I would make a call to the local lumber yard and ask for recommendations on durability in your area. You may find better pricing there also by buying longer lengths.
If you use the pine be prepared to refinish every year. In my area pine is an interior wood. It can be used as exterior if pressure treated. You could build the structure out of pressure treated wood and use something else on the top surfaces.
I would recommend spending a little more in the beginning and have less work later on. The last thing you want is a LBGE crashing to the ground due to deteriorating wood.
Well Jon, thanks for the info. Did a lot more reading since your post and went back out to look at some wood and prices. I think you are right, pine may be too much work to keep up.

What was really interesting/scary is an article I read about pressure treated lumber. Just got back from HD and found some for just over $2 a board for the size I wanted but will definitely not use it for the egg table. ACQ is nasty - and shouldn't be anywhere near food according to this:

So, looks like cedar is the best option. Looks nice, smells good, and is good for outdoors and will last longer. Only problem is that it's all 6" wide (well 5.5) instead of the 4" wide boards I was going to use. On the upside it's 5/4 thick (so true 1"). So I'll have to modify the plans but that should;t be hard. Just means 4 boards on top of each shelf instead of 6 and a frame that should be sturdier. The worst part though is the cost as it's twice the price of plain old pine, and 6 times more than spruce or pressure treated pine. At least it's a third of the price of hardwood though (cedar boards will be $10) but hey - should be worth it....

Thanks again for all the advice guys
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