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Question BGE Table - What Type of Wood Should I Use?

Hey All,

I want to build a table for my LBGE next weekend and I have the plans (whiz Flash-Burns from naked whiz) .

I have never built anything in my life (except in shop in school many years ago) and am borrowing a mitre and jig saw from a friend. I don't have much money but don't really want to build something that doesn't look decent.

Went to Lowe's and HD yesterday. The plans I have call for red oak but there's no way I can use that, it's $24 a board whereas the same size boards in knotty pine is $4, select pine is $7, and spruce is $2.

The spruce would be great but it's rough whereas the pine is surfaced on 4 sides. I don't have a planer or any other fancy equipment

So - for a total newb - what wood should I work with. I had a hard time telling the difference between the knotty and select pine (other than price) but at least the wood looked good whereas the spruce had some damaged corners and didn't seem as finished looking at all. Also, while I didn't check the price - should I consider pressure treated pine? Not a fan of the green color and was worried the heat may react with the copper chemical they use to treat it but will the green fade away?

Finally - simply planning to use Helmsman Spar Urethane for the finish...

Any help would be much appreciated. Oh - and does anyone think it would be possible to re-use the wheels on my nest for the table? I was thinking of drilling holes in the bottom of the 2X4 legs, putting in a threaded insert and then re-using the nest wheels since they work so well (and it saves cost). Anyone ever done this?

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