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Default Using leftovers

Around here if a BBQ joint doesn't offer Brunswick Stew it ain't a BBQ joint.
I had some leftover beef from a roast I did a couple of days ago and some pork from a small butt from yesterday.
Today I grilled a couple of chicken breasts and only ate one.
"I need to make some Brunswick Stew" I said to myself.
Go online looking for "easy" recipes and most of them start out with a 24 oz. can of Castleberry's Brunswick Stew. WTF!!!

I got a can of creamed corn, 'bout 1/4 cup of KC Masterpiece sauce, some Worchestershire sauce and a lot of catsup.
Chopped the beef, pork & chicken. Mixed the meat and other ingredients in a crock pot and let it heat for 2-3 hours. Added a little ginger ale to thin.

What I ended up with was pretty good and very close to other stews I've had before.

Just to show it happened...

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