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Originally Posted by Phrasty View Post
Thanks Steve. The hinges seem ok for now, But i agree with you... they could be a bit more "solid" Ill probably try to fab. some later and put them on. Ive been trying to fond out... what kind of heat do you get with your Reverse flow? How hot can you get it? Can you hold steady 300's with that thing? Let me know Bro... Thnkas


You ask what kind of heat you get from a small RF like this? Well I just finished building a 120 gallon smoker that is reverse flow and I have cooked on it just a few times but am very supprised how much heat I get in it. The first cook (ribs) it spiked right after I put the meat on and it hit 400- 450 degrees F and it took a very long time to bring the temp down below 300. i even shut the damper and it finally settled down.
Third cook was chicken thighs and I made a smaller fire and was able to keep the temps under 300 pretty easy.

But I am wondering just how finicky this 120 will be to keep temps low and slow, I am thinking I will have to micro manage this firebox to do it right temp wise...BUT for doing chicken and pork chops, country style ribs and maybe steaks this thing will be the cats ass as I can cook fast and have crisp skin on the poultry, the others will only take a short cook to get them done.

here is my 120: Still need to add the shelf...

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