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Originally Posted by pman777 View Post
This is my first post on this thread and I apologize if this has been discussed. I'm trying to read all 549 pages but it takes a while.

Most every set of instructions seems to recommend 4 bolts or mounts to support the cooking grates. Why 4? Three would be easier and would not rock if they weren't perfect.

I've seen 3 used and suggested by a seemingly knowledgeable UDS maker on youtube and have seen pictures of at least one UDS in this thread with only 3 supports.

I've yet to see a discussion (I admit I'm only on page 75 here but reading more whenever I can) of the negatives of only 3 supports. Maybe the grate would be a bit less stable but I don't see how it would be.

Can someone tell me the negatives of only 3 supports?
If you plan to run heavy loads of meat and you get one of the flimsy grills you would see why some use four bolts.I have found two weights of grills. The cheap replacement grill at walmart and the genuine weber replacement grill. Then I find there are two different weights of original weber grills. depends on where you shop. Anyhow with a flimsy grill 4 bolts spread the load. If the bolts are not exactly even the grill lays down with a little weight on it. An example of a heavy load of meat would be 30 lbs. of pork shoulder on one grate. Some have gone beyound that. Build it to your needs.One of the greatest things about a UDS is the ability to change it as you go. Put a short bolt in a hole you no longer need to plug it and drill another one where you need it. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR BUILD.
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