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Default 3 or 4 bolt mounts for cooking grate?

This is my first post on this thread and I apologize if this has been discussed. I'm trying to read all 549 pages but it takes a while.

Most every set of instructions seems to recommend 4 bolts or mounts to support the cooking grates. Why 4? Three would be easier and would not rock if they weren't perfect.

I've seen 3 used and suggested by a seemingly knowledgeable UDS maker on youtube and have seen pictures of at least one UDS in this thread with only 3 supports.

I've yet to see a discussion (I admit I'm only on page 75 here but reading more whenever I can) of the negatives of only 3 supports. Maybe the grate would be a bit less stable but I don't see how it would be.

Can someone tell me the negatives of only 3 supports?
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