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Originally Posted by ---k--- View Post
I can't believe that some of you would refuse to cook meat to a guest specifications.
Everybody is different, and has different likes, and dislikes; as well as
different tastes in food and how they like it cooked.
It shouldn't be a problem cooking most foods to a friend, or guests,

I recently watch a show on PBS about restaurants that sell Hot Dogs in
America. There was one place (in Chicago?) that said putting Ketchup
on a Hot Dog was WRONG, and they would not sell any Hot Dogs with
Ketchup on them....they would give you the Ketchup, but you had to
put it on the Hot Dog yourself.

Some time ago I saw another TV show about Hamburgers. One restaurant
located back east somewhere, does not have any Ketchup at all and will
not let anybody bring Ketchup in to put on their Hamburger....because
they think it is wrong to put it on a hamburger.

I don't understand places or people that try to force their way of eating
on other people. I would encourage someone to try eating something
differently that what they normally eat....but I would not try to force
then to eat "my way"...because I think they are wrong.
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