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I've had good ribs, I think a couple times I've had great ribs, I've messed up more than my fair share of ribs, and I've had a lot of just OK to flat out bad ribs.

Now I've done brisket a number of times and I think its turned out pretty dang good.

Usually I end up smoking pork butts, chicken, or fatties, but if it either brisket or ribs my preference is brisket (unless of course somebody else is buying them meat then I'll gladly smoke some ribs but you've been warned).

One of my pet peaves though is to go to a BBQ joint I've never been to, order the brisket and end up with pulled beef rather than the sliced brisket I was expecting. Not that I've got anything against brisket as pulled beef I just think if your selling pulled beef brisket you should include the word "pulled" when you write it down. Its only happened a couple times but always results in a "WTF is this?" moment when I had my mind set on sliced brisket.
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