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Thanks, brethren!

SmokinAussie, I agree that this craft should not be lost. It goes way way back in my family and someone should keep it alive.

I started the curing process this morning. I am going to take some liberties this time around but still try and maintain the character of my Dad's bacon as best I can during the summer months and without a meat house in which to hang the meat.

Here is the rub. Just salt and fresh cracked pepper.

I cut the pork belly into 3 sections to make it easier to handle.

I rubbed all of the pieces down well with the salt and pepper.

Then, I put them in a small fridge I keep in the garage.

Stay tuned for more pics tomorrow.

BTW - if you've never tried hoe cake, stop depriving yourself. Growing up, my mother would mix self rising flour with a little milk and lard into what is basically a biscuit dough consistency. Then, she would cook it in a pan on top of the stove much like you would cook a pancake.

I asked one time why it was called "hoe cake" and my Dad told me that back in the great depression workers would cook bread on the blades of their hoes using this kind of recipe so it was called "hoe cake."

It's some delicious stuff when hot and goes with anything. I used to mix King syrup with butter and scoop it onto the hot hoe cake with a butter knife and it was incredible.

My Mother would actually mix bacon grease into the king syrup and "make it dead" and eat it on hoe cake. I asked her what she meant and she told me that "make it dead" was what her parents used to call it. Basically, you mix the bacon grease into the syrup until it emulsifies and, somehow, that "makes it dead." Yeah, I never understood it either.

Thanks for looking.
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