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Originally Posted by Untraceable View Post
Im from the land of smoked northern. Never personally done it but I know you have to brine it for some period of time before smoking. Ive always seen it in 2-3" wide strips. I suppose you could hang the whole filets when smoking. It is good when done right. Northerns are a poor fish to eat but the seem to do well smoked (must have a higher fat content in the meat, which probably also leads to the crap flavor compared to crappies-sunfish-walleye)

WHOA cross the river and I'll make you northern that you would swear is walleye or perch.. My fussy wife who won't eat fish eats my northern and my 4 year old can't get enough!!!

Properly prepared it's some of the best fish out there next to Lawyer..

As far as smoking it.. I wouldn't i would look for something fattier like white fish or chubs.

O and if anyone needs a idea what or how to deal with Y-bones.. Cut that slab off and pickle it. The bones dissolve in the brine!
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