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Default Fatty Combination Advice

Hey Brethren,

I haven't posted for awhile (since I am usually so Pron heavy, some of you may have felt happy about that ). At my campground, we have a brunch tomorrow at 11:00 am. The neighbors expect something smoked, so I though: Breakfast Fatties on the WSM!!!

I will actually post pics later, but I used Cowgirl's directions to make my own fatty piston (I have a second cartridge for when I double up on fatties). SOOOOOOOOOOO easy.

Here's what I have so far:
  1. Two cartridges with hash browns, fried onions and scrambled eggs
  2. (One of the cartridges also has dices Jalepeno)
  3. I have Plowboys Yardbird and SM Spicy Apple
  4. I have pear and pecan for the smoke
  5. Enough bacon to make some nice weaves

Here's my query: Do I use one or the other rubs? Both? Does one rub go better with the jalepenos? I am inexperienced with jalepenos, but folks here at the campground LOVE them.

I patiently await advice from the good folks on this list who make me look good here at home.

Thanks in advance.
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