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Hello, newbee here, glad to have found and read (most of this thread ) thanks guys. Lots of info except I can't find any about using bottom feed air instead of side feed or a combination of each. Seems to me that if I install a 1" valve in the bottom for air supply and grease cleaning and a 3/4" valve on the side. Open both valves for start up and then close bottom 1" valve. Regulate with the 3/4" valve. If more air is needed slowly open 1" valve untill desired temp is acheived. I know a drip pan will be needed under the 1" valve to catch the stuff that marks the spot of a well used BBQ unit. I have not built mine yet- next week I hope. Everyone using 3/4" valves talk about running with just the valve open and the nipples closed to purr at 230 and only opening one and then closing the valve down to 50% to get 300 degree temps. Am I wrong ? Wouldn't center feed under the ash pan provide even air supply to the fire no matter where the the fire is in the basket ? The 1" in the bottom will be handy for cleanup afterward. Please advice me on this before I actually do it. I had given up on smoking with a cos, but now that I found the UDS, I can't wait to build mine. Thanks
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