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Originally Posted by TKEBH989 View Post
I'm new but just started my first UDS build after browsing through a lot of this thread, and felt I should share. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I got a barrel that contained liquid sugar and just put the intake holes in tonight. I went with 3 3/4" pipe nipples, 2 capped and 1 with a ball valve, 3" from the base. I only messed up the first hole, the rest fit real tight. I'm planning on welding them in, but I have no experience welding so it should be interesting. I haven't burnt the barrel out yet, that is going to happen this weekend. I used the existing hole in the lid that came with the barrel and put a 2" x 5" pipe nipple for the exhaust. If I end up needing more, I'll just drill in some additional holes. I also added a cheap handle to the lid. I'm planning on starting with a single grate from another grill for the cooking surface. I got some scrap expanded steel to make the charcoal basket out of, but I haven't started that yet. I'll post some progress pictures along the way. Here are some pictures so far. Please let me know what you think, or if I should add anything.

Burn it out, wash it good with some soap and water, dry it, spray it down with some Pam (or other spray oil), put a hot fire in it and let it season good, paint the outside with some high heat paint, then start coooking on it and post some pron! It looks good, bro.
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