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Originally Posted by El Ropo View Post
Those got a home made rub I threw together, but it is definitely low sodium and low sugar, when I do use sugar, I use turbinado, since it doesn't burn as easy as white. I'll also run the turbinado through my spare burr coffee grinder at coarsest setting to make the granule size closer to the other ingredients.

Don't remember the exact recipe, I always throw them together at the last moment, but It had a bit of this stuff:

Granulated garlic
Turbinado sugar
Onion powder
Chili Powder
Low sodium Montreal chicken seasoning
Parsley flakes
Fresh Ground 3 color peppercorns (A staple in any rub I make)

I'll usually run my contraption through the spare coffee grinder several times to mix it up and get a consistent size.
Thanks for that and an interesting rub mixture. I make all of my own rubs also and never use a commercial one.

I have never used tarragon in ribs or parsley with pork.

I have used tarragon with chicken but not often.
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