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No problem, bro. You will get a lot of opinions when it comes to brisket and the ones you got in this thread will all work. You will have to work through this and find what works for you.

When dealing with the internal temp of a BBQ brisket, you have to keep in mind the temp at which you are cooking it. The lower the cooking temp the lower the internal temp will usually be when tender. But, the lower the cooking temp the longer it will take to reach the right tenderness.

So, if you are cooking the brisket at around 225F then expect a long cook with an internal temp of around 190F to get the right tenderness. If you are cooking at around 275F to 300F then expect the internal temp to be around 205F before you begin to get the right tenderness.

Keep at it, bro and soon you will have a good handle on what works for you. But, use the internal temp only as a notice to begin probing not for when the brisket is done.
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