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Default Maui Mokka Select

I have an opportunity to get some Maui Mokka Select beans.

From the Grower:

We refer to the Maui Mokka™ as our "champagne of coffee" due to the small, roundish beans, subtle flavors and pleasant acidity. Rarely do you find a Mokka bean larger than a screen 14. The bean is round and is often mistaken for a peaberry. Upon closer examination one can notice the classic dicotyledonous flat side signifying two whole beans per cherry. The cup quality is unique - a delightful range of chocolate tones with hints of wine and ripe fruit.

The seed stock for the Maui Mokka™ originated in Ethiopia - home of all coffee in the world - and retains several of its Northern African physical characteristics - narrow leaves and small beans. The yield is low and it is difficult to hand pick. For these reasons, this variety of Mokka is not commercially grown anywhere else in the world. It grows best at 500 to 600 feet elevation. Harvest is usually in October through December.
The price to you guys would be $17.00 per bag plus shipping.

Right now I am gauging interest. I will be ordering baed upon your interest so please don't say that you are interested if you really aren't. I probably won't have the beans for three or four weeks, so no payment is needed until I roast and have them ready to ship.

BTW, I will be roasting tomorrow, so watch this forum :)
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