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Default Overnight Brisket last night-done this morning? Dinner tonight...what to do with the farking brisket till then

So I had a shocker this morning when I woke up. I put a 10lb brisket on about 11:00 last night and went to bed with my large BGE smoking away at 200. My month old son had woke my wife up arround 5am and she checked the temp and I asked her when her stirring woke me up and was still about 225. 7am I wake up and check and the bricket looks done and is right at 189 and temp had increased too 250 in the smoker.

So I put on the bbq sauce and let it settle till the brisket was 195 then foiled it and into the oven at 195 to hold it there.

Now dinner guests are not comming till 7pm and thats 12hrs at that temp I think will dry out the brisket. What should I do keep it at 195 for the full 12hrs or try somthing diffrent?
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