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used to work at quiktrip (gas stations mostly in larger southern cities) and we would clean up gas/oil spills like this

-cover with "oil dry" which was a small grained gravel substance, works about like kitty litter
-take piece of cardboard (or just use your shoe), put it on top of the spill, step on it, and grind it really good into the concrete
-sweep into dustpan
-apply de-greasing solvent/detergent, regular old dish soap would do a pretty good job if you're on a budget i'd imagine
-power wash the concrete. if you don't have a power washer you probably know someone that would lend you one. otherwise, they're farkin awesome so you might as well go and get yourself a decent one. we have the greenworks 1700psi electric pressure washer from lowe's and it's very nice

repeat as needed. the sun and weather will also break down the oils so eventually the stain will fade naturally if you don't think it's worth all the effort
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