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Default BBQ Rubs of the States - 4th of July Summer Grilling - Reusable Tins

**Moderators please do not ban me, if this is considered SPAM simply delete and let me know so I do not post something like this in the future again.**

1st off I do not work or make money off this site. It was something I saw and wanted to share with the Brethern.. I am posting the complete info here and if you farkers wish to know more or order it simply go to the link.

Are you in the mood for slow cooked pulled pork from North Carolina or a tangy Santa Maria tri tip beef roast from California?

In this series you will receive 4-2oz.reusable tins of your favorite States rubs.
Simply choose FOUR of your favorites from the following and list them in the “Notes to GustoSpice” as US1, US2, etc.:

1) US1 – Kansas City, MO Beef or Pork Rib Rub: KC ribs are usually slow cooked and served with a thick, sweet sauce. Ingredients include garlic and chili powders.
2) US2 – Memphis, TN: Smoked often with a dry rub and sauce on the side! Ingredients include ground cumin and oregano.
3) US3 – East Texas Style – Favors Southern-style bbq with a leaning towards smoking beef brisket. This rub is good for both pork ribs and brisket. Ingredients include ground coriander and cayenne pepper.
4) US4 – Santa Maria, CA Tri Tip Roast: Best grilled over red oak and often mopped with a garlic-infused oil and red wine vinegar concoction. Ingredients include rosemary and lemon pepper.
5) US5 – Kentucky Mutton Roast: Often smoked for long hours and mopped with a Worcestershire and vinegar-based sauce. Ingredients include allspice and brown sugar.
6) US6 – Lexington, NC-style: Often includes delicious pulled slow-smoked pulled pork with a Carolina Gold sauce or their famous hot pepper-vinegar-based sauce. Ingredients include dry mustard and cayenne pepper.

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