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I'd try the paint thinner or other solvent route and the open flame. I've been known to spill oil on conrete(petroleum based) and i've learned to get at it right away w/kitty litter but you need to step on it and grind it in really good. That'll take it out if you get to it right away but if you don't then you can try pouring some solvent on it to hopefully break it down. Then i've taken a propane plumber torch and CAREFULLY( as we all know what a chimney starter left on concrete can do) heat the area gradually till it eventually burns off. It wont be like new again but the stain will be much less obvious. That's my best method and it works but remember to work it over the stain slowly and carefully only to the point where it'll start smoking. See, you get to play with fire so GAME ON!!!!
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