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Unhappy What to do with those grease stains on concrete.

The other night my wife fired up the gasser to make hamburgers before I got home as we were supposed to have bad weather. Well it moved in faster than we thought and it started raining while the burgers were finishing. No sooner than the burgers came off the rain picked up and was heavy for about an hour before settling down to just a steady rain for the night. Needless to say the cover did not make its way back onto the grill.

Fast forward to the next day and I came home to 3 huge grease stains on the patio. It looks like water got into the grill and filled the drip pan, then spilled over. There was grease inside the cabinet of the grill and it ran out through the creases near the wheels and then ran down the concrete. So out came the cleaning products!

First I tried diluted simple green and a brush. Not much going on there so I went with concentrated simple green. That worked a little. I then went up to straight Clorox Outdoor. That cut it some more but the stains were still extremely visible. Next step was a trip to HD where I picked up some ZEP concrete cleaner and some ZEP absorber. I followed the directions on both items, but the stains are still EXTREMELY visible. They are better than they were, but I'd love to get them even better. Coincidentally the concrete around the stains looks brand new after the cleaning.

Surely some of you have had similar events occur and have some ideas on what I can do to make the stains less prevalent. I would gladly entertain any ideas other than digging up the patio!
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