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What it boils down to is your personal taste for smokiness in your meat. If you want/need heavy smoke you won't be happy with a pellet cooker. Good pellet cookers, fueled with good quality cooking pellets produce excellent smoke at low temperatures, but not intense, acrid smoke. This goes well if you like to taste a BALANCED combination of the meat flavor, the spicing (rub, sauce, injection, mop, etc.) and the cooking method (smoking).

I've had the exact meat, prepared exactly the same way, then cooked in an FEC100 and a Jambo side-by-side. No significant differences at all.

Major Point: If you get a pellet cooker, take your time learning it and adapt your recipes and methods to its strong points. This takes a little time but is really fun learning because you get to eat your tests! If you do this, you'll be loving the reliability and ease of cooking maintenance pellet cookers provide. If, on the other hand, you have to have heavy smoke, you'll either need charcoal and chunks or a stick burner.
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