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Question Smoke flavor from pellet grills?

I've been browsing a few different pellet grill forums trying to learn as much about them as I can, but one thing that isn't talked about much is smoke flavor. What little I have been able to find on the subject seems to break down into three different opinions.

1. Zero smoke flavor at all even when something is cooked for hours on "smoke mode".

2. Just barely a hint of smoke which most describe more as a wood fired taste than a smoky taste.

3. They provide plenty of smoke flavor with some owners even saying that food smoked on their pellet grill tastes the same as food from their stick burner.

I'm asking this because if I was to buy a pellet pooper, 99% of the time I would use it as a smoker and keep the old propane grill around for steaks/burgers/dogs. Are there any pellet grill owners out there who can shine a little light on this subject? I'd really appreciate it folks.
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