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Default Charcoal "review" Coshell coconut briquettes

Just thought I'd drop a post in to mark a spot, and share. Has anyone seen this stuff? Man is it weird!
I was in the froo froo grocery the other day-the guys i am BEGGING to re aquire Wicked Good Charcoal (its Philbrick's Lee Anne! thanks for stocking Karl's up.)-and here is this bag of charcoal, Coshells cocunut charcoal briquettes. Hmmmm Whats this/ Well i have seen these stories of the Japanese extruded super kryptonite, made only by monks in the jungles of bla bla bla coconut charcoal, so i grabbed it. Nine bucks for 8 pounds.
So i load a chimney full to check them out. just doing a chix breast and a couple burgers so i can't really go wrong, and set them on the burner on the performer. They are smooth, very hard, and kind of heavy for their size.

No big plume of smoke as the first briquettes hit fire. hmmm. What next?
The briquettes lit slowly and steadily, no smoke. none.
The smell. Almost nothing, hard to describe, just a hint of burning odor.
\Still no smoke
Dump them out into half the kettle and i notice right off the bat they are Hot as heck! Threw on the lid and waited. When I dump a full chimney into half my kettle anf put the vent on the far side the temp on the thermo spikes and settles around 400 thats wfo grill speed. these briquettes had the thermo up over 450.
I cooked a few burgers, capped the grill and left, so i didn't really get to see how they burned out till I returned, but there were small chunks of fire left and the dome was at 350 three hours late, no big deal there. have my lighs put away so I didn't get a good look at the amount of ash, we will see in the am.

so without really doing a real naked whiz review, i don't know anything other than these things are damn WEIRD. if nothing else it was interesting

Anybody use this stuff? What did you think?
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