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Originally Posted by Coltrain View Post
I finally got my UDS finished - well minus a handle for the lid. So far I have about $17 into it.

Barrel - Free from work
Stainless hardware - free from work (old stock)
Stainless 3/4" ball valve - free from work (old sample valve)
fire basket - made from free scrap 3/4 expando from work
Easy Off to strip liner - about $5
New cooking grate - $12

Drum was stripped with easy off and wire wheeled, burned with a weed burner, sanded to bare medal on the outside, washed, and painted ultra flat tan (that's what I had on hand.)

Here it is rubbed down with bacon grease and ready to be seasoned.

Here is my fire basket loaded up and ready to be lit. It was a mix of kingsford and some cheap stuff I had that someone else gave me. It was about a 3 to 1 mix of K to cheap and had some hickory mixed in.

I lit about 8-10 briquets and dumped them in the center. Left both caps off of the intakes and left the the ball valve all the way open. Once the temp got up to just over 200 I capped 2 of the intakes and left the ball valve fully open. Temp settled in just over 250. Let it ride there for about an hour, then opened it all back up. Temps got up to about 370-375 and I let it go for another hour. Capped the 2 intakes again to bring temps back down. I ended up just shutting it all down though since it was getting late. The entire time it smelled like the charcoal was just lighting off and was white almost the entire time - I never really smelled the sweet smell of the hickory I had in the fire basket.

After the drum cooled I pulled the lid off to take my pit probe (ET-732) out and it smelled like cigarettes. It wasn't good . I mean it really smelled like an old dirty ashtray. I've never had this issue my GOSM. I'm glad I didn't put any meat in there as I'm sure it would have ended up in the trash.

I'm hoping it was from the cheap charcoal, so tonight I'll pull the fire basket and sift through the leftover charcoal and pull out all the cheap stuff and top it off with more kingsford.

Any other ideas of what may have caused the cigarette smell?
Ok I'm 95% sure it was the cheap charcoal that caused the ashtray smell. I went home the next day, pulled the fire basket out and washed the inside of the drum with hot soapy water. Then I went over it with steal wool. I then proceeded to sort the leftover charcoal and threw out the cheap stuff and any I couldn't identify as kingsford. I loaded it up with more kingsford from a new bag and threw in some hickory and apple. Then I sprayed the inside of the drum with Pam cooking spray. Lit the charcoal and put it in. It was immediately apparent that it smelled much better than the day before. After it came up to 250 I let it sit there for a 30 minutes or so then threw on a fatty and some MOINKs. They turned out pretty good for a first run. By the end of the cook the smoker smelled fantastic - like what I thought it should have smelled like the entire time.

So the moral of this story - DON'T USES CHEAP CHARCOAL! And to be on the safe side, don't use bacon grease to season your drum.

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