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Default Is it OK for chicken to fall off the bone?

I was just eating leftovers from a cook yesterday and wondered...

Ribs are not supposed to be "fall off the bone tender", but what about chicken?

Last night I cooked a whole chicken on my fairly new UDS. Before building my UDS we always used our little Sunbeam electric rotisserie. They always turned out really good so we never thought of doing it another way. But I told my wife I wanted to cook it on the grill over some charcoal.

I loaded up some about half a chimney and got the fire going. Plan was to cook indirect at about 350* then move to direct to crisp up the skin. I fought to get the temps up and stay for some reason, they would keep dropping to 300-325. Still have some learning to do! But the chicken was progressing so I let it roll. When the breast hit 145* I moved it over the coals, breast side up for a few minutes, before flipping breast side down. Pulled the chicken at 160* and let rest for about 10 minutes.

When I went to carve the chicken I could see pockets of juice under the skin. The leg quarters pulled off at the joints, the wings did too. I cut the entire breast off of each side. I took a wing and leg quarter, gave the wife a breast and cut part of the second breast up for the kids. The chicken was the BEST we have ever had!!! So juicy, tender, and full of flavor. Rub consisted of Lawrys, garlic salt, kosher salt and pepper. Super simple and thrown together. I was so worried about cooking it for the first time this way that I didn't bother with pics. As I was eating the wing and leg quarter the bones would just peel right out, leaving me with hunks of meat and skin to devour! Finger lickin' good for sure!

So I ask again, should chicken be served "fall off the bone" I certainly think so!
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