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Yes, I had these ribs called "Break's My Heart Loinbacks" now the thing there was I called them that because I needed a quick fix for loins and I had a friend that gave me an unbelievable low country recipe that was confrimed to be at least 120 years old. At least that was when it was recorded in a letter that was written from La. to a member of his family who had moved elsewhere.

Anyway it used tons of onions and peppers and strong chicken broth and bay leaves and spices and the ribs were simmered in this stock for a little bit. Then they were smoked on an open pit (grilled) while the sauce reduced and was strained. With the addition of some local honey or sugar as a sweetner the sauce was then slathered to moisten the ribs (and glaze them) as they cooked near the end. The damn things were done to perfection in 2 1/2 hours. Now I liked the process because after the simmering you could chill them... I would chill or freeze 20 racks. I would take maybe 6 racks on my trailer with a reduction of the sauce. If things got busy, I mean so busy I was worried about running out of food, or in a case maybe I did not braing spares to the event... like say that day ribs were not the special, well I could, at any point, slap those ribs frozen on the pit to thaw and smoke a good hour to hour and a half.

The ribs were featured in this video from Popdaddy's site

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

They are shown at the beginning ONLY.... they are shown after being tossed on the smoker and glazed 10 minutes before ( I did immersion glazing then) The whole time from freezer to plate was under 2 hours at the max.

Oh... why am I writing this here? Because foil was used to cover the pan they simmered in. LOL

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