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Default Cheap china box idea?

Was inspired by a post i seen earlier about the china box. Have seen these before, but has been awhile. Would love to get one but they are expensive. Plus they use a lot of fuel. I had an idea for and uber cheap one i could make at home, just want to think it through and need any ideas or thoughts from those more experienced than myself before starting.
My idea is as follows, i want a smaller version of a china box, could do maybe a turkey, briskett or couple chickens or some ribs. Was thinking about getting an aluminum trash can, could make a plate for the top or even simply turn lid upside down on top and work to make fit. If i did this i thought i could make a hanger to put on handle to put some wood in, if close enought to heat source at top maybe I could get some smoke to add to the food? Was wondering wether or not one of these cans could hold heat well enough to maintain the 300-350 degree temp the china boxes run at? Thought maybe insulating somehow around it? Not sure if this will even work. But think it is worth a shot. Hell if it doesnt work at least i have a new trash can!
Any ideas or constructive feedback is appreciated. If i do go through with this i will post and put up pics to let everyone know how it goes
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