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Thanks for the ideas. I tossed the fatty on while doing an initial seasoning. Sprayed the thing down with pam and filled up the basket with lump and six chunks of hickory. Put the fatty on just for kicks.

Yesterday I did my first real smoke, and I did a brisket. It wasn't the best brisket I've ever had, but I thought it was pretty good for my first time. I just tried to follow a tutorial on here and tried to keep it at 250 all day. Had a few variations....I went to the farmers market and when I got back it had dipped below 200. I opened up all the pipes and it crept up to around 300, but it started smoking the thick white stuff for a while. I let it smoke up closer to 300 for a while and then brought it back to 250. It sat there pretty much all day. Pulled it after being on for 11 hours. I was happy with it and glad to get my first brisket under my belt.

I drilled 3 holes and have the 3/4 inch pipes. My pipes don't fit exactly snug, though. With the ball valve completely open and the other two capped, it runs at 250 degrees.

I'm thinking about trying for the same affect by removing my pipes and getting magnets, but I don't know.
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