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Default RE: Cabela

Congrats on your contest.
My opinions, remember, I didn't get to taste.........

Chicken.....looks like breast meat.....might have been a little dry by the time the judges got to it. If you like cooking breasts, consider maybe injecting to help keep moist. If they are thighs, consider trimming up before cooking to get more uniform shape Grill marks kinda influenced me also, maybe more even look next time.

Pork.....looks great, looks juicy, nice bark

Brisket....needs a sheen....looks dry.....maybe shoot it with some "I Can't Beleive It's Not Butter" or a slight sauce glaze....

Ribs.......Don't know that I've ever seen a box that full, but they look good.

Definitley looks like you know what you are doing with presentations.

Best of luck at Cabelas...that will be the same weekend as our 1st Annual Bass Pro cookoff........hoping to get a lot of MoFos to enter.......
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