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Default Cabela's BBQ - Dundee, MI 2005



1) Rub Me Tender
2) BBQ
3) Down Home BBQ
4) Pork of the North
6) Wayco
7) The Frying Pan
Motley Q Crew (Congrats MikeyZ!)
9) Schultzís Backyard BBQ
10) Extreme Roastsers
11) Straight Meat BBQ- Boys
12) Hog Tied Smoking Team
13) C-Z Smoke
14) Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co.
15) Motor City Smoke Co.


1) BBQ
2) Down Home BBQ
3) Squirrels 2 BBQ
4) Wayco
5) Dizzy Pig BBQ North
6) Rub Me Tender
7) Pork of the North
Hog Tied smoking Team
10) Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co.
11) Granpappy and Little Willie
12) Motley Q Crew
13) All day Smoke
14) Hot, Smokey and Righteous
15) C-Z Smoke


1) Schultzís Backyard BBQ
2) Bare Bones BBQ
3) Pork of the North
4) BBQ
5) Straight Meat BBQ-Boys
6) The Frying Pan
7) Rub Me Tender
Extreme Roasters
9) Cockeye BBQ
10) Motley Q Crew
12) Granpappy & Little Willie
13) Creekside Creations
14) All day Smoke
15) The apple Baron BBQ


1) Rub Me Tender
2) Down Home BBQ
3) Cockeyes BBQ
4) Great Lakes BBQ and Feed Co.
6) Straight Meat BBQ-Boys
7) Dizzy Pig BBQ North
Schultzís Backyard BBQ
9) Pork of the North
10) Motor City Smoke Co.
11) J&M Northcoast BBQ
12) BBQ
13) C-Z Smoke
14) Hog Tied Smoking Team
15) The apple Barron BBQ


1) Extreme Roasters
2) The Frying Pan
3) Motley Q Crew
4) Rub Me Tender
5) C-Z Smoke
6) Wayco
Squirrels 2 BBQ
9) Motor City Smoke Co.
10) BBQ
11) Schultzís Backyard BBQ
12) Granpappy & Little Willie
13) All Day Smoke
14) Hog Tied Smoking Team
15) Pork of the North

30 teams came out for this contest, and it was a pretty good time. The weather was just about perfect, low 70's and not a drop of rain. Larry King and Steve Grinstead were the contest rep's and they did a great job. I've heard some complaints about Cabela's not having much money in the kitty for prizes, but since I've never won any money in a contest anyway, I don't care about that. I think it was a pretty cool contest. The Schwag Bag had some nice stuff in it, Cabela's Ball Cap, Gore-tex Apron, coozie, and some great game shears!

My turn-ins were the best I've ever done, and I was happy with everything. Kinda weird, I was most happy with my chicken, and it didn't get me squat, so that raised my eyebrows. But ya never know. 9th place ribs (could have been more tender, I think) and 3rd place pork (sliced it this time, and I think the judges liked it). Had some local friends in town visiting, and my bs'ing and Jack and Coke's had me rushing to get my brisket on by 2am. Yikes.

Somehow I got an invitation to the Cabela's National Contest in Kansas City in September, and I'm pretty stoked about it. I didn't even consider getting into it, so it's thrown a monkey wrench into my summer contest plans. I had planned on driving the 90 minutes to Wheeling for the Cabela's contest in August, but now I'm thinking I might scratch that one and go check out the Ribberfest in Madison instead. Who knows.

I posted some pictures of my turn-in boxes on my site, so take a look and feel free to comment, I can use all the help I can get.
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