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Default Carolina Summer DrumPit Smoking

I could not have asked for a better day to do a little DrumPit smoking.
Got a nice breeze, 87* and Partly Sunny!! Today I'm cooking up an 8lb. Pork Picnic. Got the DrumPit loaded with Kingsford, some Black Cherry and some White Oak chunks. I love the flavor profile that wood combo produces.

DrumPit coming up to Temp..

I've prepared an injection of 1/2 cup Apple Juice and 1/2 cup Apple Cider Vinegar, with a TableSpoon of my Long Beard Pork Rub...No Wise Cracks about my Secret Injection Ingredient there in the background...Minty Fresh!!

Picnic Before Injection....


After...It's swelled up some...

Rubbed and on to the Drum....

Along with some Red Hot Sausages for Breakfast....MMMMMMM!!!

Seven Hours Later...160* Got a ways to go....

In the meantime throwed some Chicken Thighs on for Supper...

I'll pull them off here in about an hour and a half or so and have another looksee at that Picnic....
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How I Fire Up That Ugly DrumPit Smoker!!!!

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