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Got my first smoke out of the way.

Started yesterday at about 2:25 pm.

Just did a seasoning smoke and tossed a fatty on....I think I did it wrong because it tasted like an ash tray.

I had a ton of white cloudy smoke for a long time. I did about 10 lbs of lump charcoal and 6 chunks of hickory.

I think my problem with the white smoke was when I kept taking the lid off to check to see if my grate thermo and my turkey thermo were accurate. When I finally got to blue smoke (around 4:00), I opened it up and put in the fatty. It took a minute while I fumbled with getting the probe thermo in through its hole and when I finally put the lid back on, I had lots of white smoke for a long time. After I took off the fatty at about 6, I opened the pipes to get it hotter. It ran at about 400-450 for a few hours, but there was cloudy white smoke for a long time. Did I just change the temp too fast? Do you really need to up the heat slowly on these?

When I came inside around 8:30, I went back to one intake hole being open, and it dialed down to 220. When I came back out at 11, it was down just under 200. I opened the valve all the way and uncapped another pipe and when I checked at midnight it was at 250. I pulled all the pipes out and had three open 1-inch holes at midnight, and when I checked it this morning at 8 it was at 220.

One thing, after I turned the heat down from 450 to 220, there was no more visible smoke. Even when I went back up from 220 to 250, I couldn't see any smoke at all. Would food still get "smoked" on that?

Probably a stupid question, but I really have no clue what I'm doing save for the information in this thread. This was the first time I've ever smoked anything.

One more question...because the drum is round, it seems like hard metal disc magnets wouldn't really give a good seal when trying to plug up a hole. Would TEXAS TECH RED RAIDERS OFFICIAL LOGO CAR FRIDGE MAGNET SET (3): Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@ work?
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