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Originally Posted by TWQQ View Post
I live in Taiwan, so the choce at Costco was between an ECB and a Kamodo. The Kamodo looked like a work of art, but with a price to match...Also, I'm new to the ways of the smoke, so I decided to start myself off with a Brinkmann Smoke'N Grill.

I haven't used it yet because I wanted to get some 'essential' mods done first...I put three holes in the lid with a switch/cover thing, a bunch on holes in the charcoal pan, and I got someone to weld some bars to hold a charcoal grate off the bottom of the pan. I guess my next mod will have to be a proper thermometer in the top...

I've seen a lot of people put the legs on the outside, so the charcoal pan can be accessed with ease, but if I do this do I need some bricks or something to hold the pan off the ground or will it still be able to sit in there? Is it an essential mod, or can I get by without it?

Also, does anyone have any other advice for a first timer using an ECB? I'm thinking of curing it this weekend, smoking some practice ribs, and then having a proper barbecue with friends next Friday! I'm excited!

What say you people?
what kind of wood can you get over there?? any apple orchards?
my smoke n grill gets pulled out to water smoke whole birds over mesquite. I have found water smoking ribs didn't come out so well. I have not used it without water. I have many other smokers for that so I keep my two gourmet smokers waiting for whole birds. I just stored my 2 electric gourmets in the basement. they work well on good weather days above 60F but I missed the charcoal flavor. I havent plugged them in in years and needed the room. for the same reason, I threw away my gasser :)
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