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Originally Posted by GreenDrake View Post
Man this thread is inspiring. Having had to stuff three cookers on my small deck off the kitchen and cook in inclement weather over the years, I decided this year was the year to build something. Nothing on the level of AMROCKS' masterpiece, something more along the lines of using what's available to start.

I plan on cutting out some sod in my lawn out back, then cutting down some 8 or 10 inch trees on a friend's property for the pillars. Going to mount the tree trunks on pier blocks and use a couple glue lams for cross members. From there, not sure how I will finish it, thinking of just using tree branches to make faux truss supports, maybe redneck it up a little and have it clean, but rustic with some corrugated steel roofing, indirect lighting and hidden speakers for the tunes.
Sounds cool to me!! just make sure to get lots of pics... Wish I would have taken more along the build.
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