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I used to run an internet-based cutlery retail operation.

By far the most popular sharpener I sold was the Spyderco Triangle Sharpmaker...

For kitchen knives, most of my cutting is done with a couple of Henkel Santokus, 7" & 5".

My primary chef knife and utility knives are ChefWorks brand. They're an inexpensive Chinese brand but they're NSF certified. They've worked well for me. I have them in the forged series.

My baby is a 9.5" Al Mar Gyuto. I had one of the very expensive Japanese Gyutos but it was difficult for me to handle with the light weight. Plus the Japanese style is to sharpen only one edge, so v-style sharpeners are a no-no. I sold it and got the Al Mar. Traditional Western style edge and a bit more heft.

So anyway, thought I'd bump this thread with some info and hope that others add to it.
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