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Originally Posted by AMROCKS View Post
Thanks! Well it took a little more than I expected but It looks a lot more expensive than it really is. I was able to make the most out of some cheaper materials. The "siding" on the back of the bar was made from fence pickets. I just cut the dog ears off and put it up just like wood siding. I made the cabinet doors out of damn ole PT pine and left over metal from the roof. The bar top is tile instead of solid stone or granite. The sink was reused from a kitchen upgrade. The dishwasher was a freebie -use to be a pull out of the pantry and roll up to the sink type. etc...
Ya I could tell from the pics that it was 1x6 fence pickets. I like the solid wall deal but we have some fierce winds here in the desert so I don't know if it would be ok without some lateral shear to help out with the wind load.

I really like the metal roof that was what I wanted to do. I was thinking of doing the bar out of metal studs and then doing stucco but I might go the rustic siding look like you did I think it will look better and might be less expensive.
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