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Originally Posted by N8man View Post
I think there exists intricate, complicated levels of "RedNeckisms", albeit the most popular tend to deal with the quantity of both inoperable vehicles jacked up onto cinderblox and obsolete appliances one has in one's yard. Rest assured, however that I am indeed a card carrying RedNeck, lacking in both these seemingly inescapable RedNeck Status Quo Symbols...

Now, when I posted my cooking area, I forgot to include a little of the country flavor that I so enjoy from my Cooking Area.
Please allow me to share them with y'all.....

Spring and Summer....



Holy crap N8man - Turn that crow call back on and reload !!!!!!

Ever crow hunted? that is one of the funest and funniest hunts you will ever do. Call them in (flocks like you have pictured) and shoot when in rangs, turn caller back on aqfter they fly away a halh mile and they come right back for more. They love a fight and can't resist the crow fight call.
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