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Originally Posted by Downtown Smokeout View Post
I have two capped nipples and a ball valve. Start my basket minion style with 10 briqs +-1. I let it sit outside the drum for 2-3 minutes, put it in and seal her up. All three open to 190, put on the second cap at 215, and either leave the valve open or close it just a little depending on how hot it is outside. Winter style is one nipple open, valve cracked maybe half way. Settles at 228-234 every time. Like you said, every one is different, sounds like you might not have enough vent going. I used to leave the bung out of the top, since the weber mod I leave the vent wide open. Just remember to give it 15 minutes before you decide how it reacted to your last adjustment, maybe longer.
When I drop my basket in my temps rise quickly, to over 300 at the grate level. I don't let it burn like that very long. Maybe I need to let it go for a little bit like that before I start closing things down.
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