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Originally Posted by enasnidx View Post
You may be closing things down too late on the climb up. Without trying to hijack your thread, I was trying to dial in my new UDS yesterday and had the same struggles as you, but my valve is right at the bottom. I coulndn't get it to sit at 225-250. I kept going back and forth with it climbing too high, then falling too low with each adjustment. Can any experienced brethren help out with ideas? Do you start with all three intakes open? At what temp do you start to close down the intakes to get it to stabalize? Obviously everyone's UDS has it's own unique intake setting that works for them, what seems to be the average to hold at 230ish? 3/4 open on the ball valve?

Sorry LoveBBQ, not trying to jack your thread, hopefully my questions will help your situation...
No hijack there! Those are the same things I am trying to figure out. It seems I can hold the higher temps just fine, but the lower temps have me fighting a little. Maybe I just need to use a few less briquettes initially to keep the temps down and leave a nipple off. Or hell, maybe throw in a diffuser to reduce the temps a little too. She seems to hold great at about 275-300 with a nipple open and the ball valve open.
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