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Originally Posted by jestridge View Post
Let me pick your brain some more do you have some type of baffling system ot deflect heat toward the door end. BTW I like the powder coating ideal on a smoker that size and thickness.
El Ropo got it... I welded a solid 1/4 inch x 10" plate along the bottom that provides a channel for the heat from the box, all the way to the opposite end. It comes out and then it's drawn back to the stack over the meat. Just finished second burn and wanted to keep it low... got it to 210 and held it there for 5 hrs on one basket of coals. The bottom rack toward the firebox is the "hot" spot, but the design is such that I can rotate the racks and shift them up and down depending on what I need at the time...

Glory to God, it's working out better than I thought so you know it wasn't my doing.... :)

thanks guys stay tuned.
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